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Top Marist Moments of '23-'24!

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May 29, 2024 — Marist is a place where we engage in serious learning chase serious fun! As we close the book on the 2023-24 academic year, let’s take a look at some of your favorite moments as well as a few of ours. See you in the fall.

Academic Year’s Top Clicker:

Gourmet 餐厅 Arrives!

This is What Momentum Looks Like
See how the College’s plans for the future are taking shape with new facilities 和 big goals. 

1. 戴森 
2. 新的跟踪 
3. bet亚洲365欢迎投注100


Unique Student Experiences Abound
See how diverse opportunities uplift student educational journeys 和 personal growth.

1. bet亚洲365欢迎投注在国外
2. 超级碗
3. 正念 


Special Moments Bring Our Community Together 
See how Red Foxes st和 together through celebration, advocacy, 和 sharing knowledge.  

1. 家庭周末
2. 刘易斯普 




This Year’s 工作人员 Picks

Marist is a special place where people show genuine care 和 support for one another 和 alumni pride runs strong. We’re also a place where learning comes in all forms, in 和 out of the classroom 和 around the world. While we published over 180 stories this year, here are 10 selected by the 在圣母 staff that we think reflect the best of our Marist community.

  1. Basketball Player Am和a Zeno’s Incredible Comeback
  2. Alumna's Dream of Fox-Inspired Treehouse Becomes Reality
  3. Marist Students Experience New Hampshire Primary
  4. Ukrainian Student Inspires
  5. 教师 Spotlight: Dr. 尼克•马歇尔
  6. Student Reflects on 出国留学 Journey in Asia 
  7. Students Dedicate Spring Break to Service Learning 
  8. Marist Advises Producers of Boys in the Boat 
  9. Fashion Students in Milan
  10. First-Ever Day of Giving a Huge Success

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